Lambert Instruments is dedicated to development, production and worldwide sales of products for imaging at low light levels. We specialize in applying image intensifiers to solve challenging imaging problems in life sciences, physics and industry.


Fluorescence Imaging

Our microscope attachments provide high performance, fast and easy fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) for widefield, multi-beam confocal, hyperspectral and TIRF microscopy.

High-Speed Imaging

Gated intensified high-speed imaging systems for low-light imaging. Applications include combustion processes (flames and turbines) or dynamic phenomena in living cells that emit light.


Scientific Imaging

Imaging products for low light level applications, such as (multi-stage) image intensifiers, cooled intensifiers, intensified high-speed cameras, intensified spectroscopy and intensified cameras.

Custom Solutions

Lambert Instruments specializes in high-end imaging solutions. Custom imaging products for low-light applications can be made according to customer specifications.


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