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Diffuse Optical Tomography

Diffuse Optical Tomography

The TRiCAM is a gain-modulated intensified CCD camera for Near-Infrared Diffuse Optical Tomography. It allows scientific-grade imaging of tissue properties for 3D reconstruction of chromophore concentrations in biomedical optics. Its well-established frequency-domain technology allows fast acquisition of macroscopic images at high accuracy. The TRiCAM comes with a dual signal generator and power supply and optional software for extracting the phase shift and demodulation information. Lambert Instruments also offers high modulation depth laser diodes that can be modulated across a broad frequency range for optimal sensitivity.

The Lambert Instruments TRiCAM is easy to operate and has been used in optical breast cancer screening and brain imaging.

TRiCAM Key Features

  • Highly sensitive and fast diffuse optical tomography acquisition

  • Higher quantum efficiency with the optional Gen III GaAs intensifier

  • Easy integration into biomedical imaging systems