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Product specifications


Product Catalog

A brief overview of all of our products: High-speed camera's, image intensifier camera attachments and fluorescence lifetime imaging sytems.


High-speed cameras


The HiCAM is a gated intensified high-speed camera. It has an integrated fiber-optically coupled image intensifier, which offers a unique combination of high speed and sensitivity down to single-photon level.


HiCAM Fluo

The HiCAM Fluo is a high-speed camera for fluorescence applications. It records high resolution images at a framerate of 540 fps in the most challenging lighting conditions thanks to its cooled image intensifier.


Lambert HS540 Series

The Lambert HS540M and the Lambert HS540S offer simple and efficient high-speed imaging for scientific research, R&D, machine vision and other industrial applications.


Intensifier camera attachments


The High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment (HiCATT) is designed for use with a high-speed camera. The HiCATT increases the sensitivity of a high-speed camera and allows low-light-level imaging applications at framerates up to 200000 fps.



The TRiCATT is a compact lens-coupled image intensifier for scientific and industrial applications. The TRiCATT is ideal for experiments that require low-light level imaging or ultra-short exposures through fast gating.


FLIM systems



A next-generation fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) camera that simplifies FLIM for researchers and imaging centers by combining excellent light sensitivity with easy image acquisition and data analysis.



With the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA), you record quantitative lifetime data in a matter of seconds. It's easy to connect our FLIM camera and light source to your microscope. And our specialized software records the images, analyzes the data instantly and presents the results visually for easy interpretation.


Scientific imaging


The TRiCAM is a compact intensified CCD camera for scientific and industrial applications that require low-light level imaging or ultra-short exposures through fast gating. It is capable of both frequency-domain and time-domain FLIM measurements.