Fluorescence Imaging


Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) Systems


With the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA), you record quantitative lifetime data in a matter of seconds. It's easy to connect our FLIM camera and light source to your microscope. And our specialized software records the images, analyzes the data instantly and presents the results visually for easy interpretation.



The LIFA-TD offers a turn-key solution for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and is compatible with every widefield fluorescence microscope. From recording the data to calculating the fluorescence lifetime, the entire measurement procedure is automated by our advanced software.


Fluorescence Imaging


The TRiCAM is a compact intensified CCD camera for scientific and industrial applications that require low-light level imaging or ultra-short exposures through fast gating. It is capable of both frequency-domain and time-domain FLIM measurements.


The TRiCATT is a compact lens-coupled image intensifier for scientific and industrial applications. The TRiCATT is ideal for experiments that require low-light level imaging or ultra-short exposures through fast gating.


Modulated Light Sources


The Multi-LED is a versatile pulsed excitation light source for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in the frequency domain. The Multi-LED contains up to 4 LEDs that provide non-phototoxic illumination levels, have a low cost and a long economic lifespan.



The Multi-LASER is a light source for frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. The Multi-LASER contains up to 6 laser diodes with different wavelengths for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in the frequency domain.