Intensifier Control for automated systems


For integration into a larger system or for automated measurements, the gain control unit for automated systems lets you control the settings of the intensifier attachment. The control unit uses standard TTL and analog signals for communication, allowing the user to switch the intensifier on or off, alter the gain and the anode current limit of the image intensifier without the need of software integration.


Image Intensifier Gain

By increasing the image intensifier gain, the incoming light intensity will be boosted more, resulting in a brighter image. The intensifier control for automated systems lets you control the gain of the image intensifier.


Anode Current Limit

To protect the fragile image intensifier from being damaged by overexposure, the anode current limiter can be used to set a limit for the acceptable anode current. If the anode current exceeds this value, then the image intensifier will be switched to a safe mode.


The gain control unit for automated systems is compatible with our intensifier attachments: