• Pixel resolution: 1392 x 1040 pixels
  • Spatial resolution (min.): 19 to 26* lp/mm
  • Dynamic range: 12 bit
  • Effective pixel size: 10.3 μm
  • Equivalent background input: 0.25 μlx

* 19 lp/mm for GaAs and GaAsP photocathodes. 26 lp/mm for S20 and S25 photocathodes.

LIFETIME Specifications

  • Lifetime resolution: < 100 ps
  • Lifetime range: 0.1 ns - 1 ms
  • Framerate (max.): 2 lifetime images per second


The LIFA system consists of threemain components:

LIFA: the signal generator that synchronizes the lightsource and the camera

TRiCAM: an intensified CCD camera that records the lifetime images

Light source: high-stability modulated Multi-LED or Multi-LASER


All LIFA components (green) and the microscope hardware are shown in the illustration on the left.