Time-domain FLIM system for widefield fluorescence microscopes


The LIFA-TD offers a turn-key solution for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and is compatible with every widefield fluorescence microscope. From recording the data to calculating the fluorescence lifetime, the entire measurement procedure is automated by our advanced software.


  • Pixel resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixel CMOS sensor
  • Spatial resolution (min.): 19 to 26* lp/mm
  • Dynamic range: 12 bit ADC
  • Effective pixel size: 7.6 μm
  • Equivalent background input: 0.25 μlx


System Specifications

  • Non-phototoxic illumination
  • High quantum efficiency with the optional Gen III GaAs image intensifier
  • Time-lapse recording mode
  • Easy integration into specialized image analysis pipelines

* 19 lp/mm for GaAs and GaAsP photocathodes. 26 lp/mm for S20 and S25 photocathodes.