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The relay optics of HiCATT and TRiCATT project the output of the image intensifier onto the sensor of a (high-speed) camera. Using this calculator you can determine the optimal configuration of image intensifer diameter and relay optics for your camera and application. If you plan to use the high-speed camera in a cropped mode (for higher speeds) you can enter the cropped resolution values to see the effect.

Sensor properties

Select a high-speed camera from the list below or enter your sensor properties manually.

Sensor resolution x pixels
Pixel size um

If you enter the sensor resolution and the pixel size, then the sensor size will be calculated when you press the button below.

If you only know the sensor size, then pressing the button below will show the available intensifier-sensor configurations.

Sensor size x mm


Please enter the size of your sensor, or the resolution and the pixel size.
The results can only be shown if the sensor size is either known or calculated.

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