Does your camera struggle to record clear images in low-light situations? You could increase the exposure time to capture more light. But that may introduce motion blur. What you need is a camera with a better light sensitivity. Instead of buying a new camera, you can improve the light sensitivity of your current camera by equipping it with an image intensifier. Upgrading your camera in this way saves you the trouble of implementing a new camera into your setup.

The image below illustrates the effect of the image intensifier. It shows images of a coffee mug that we recorded with and without an image intensifier in a room with little light. The left part of the image was recorded with a camera without an image intensifier. The right part was recorded with the same camera, but with an intensifier coupled to the sensor. The gain of the intensifier was set to a low value, so the light intensity can still be boosted much further.

Note how much brighter the right part of the image is, despite the fact that it was recorded with a shorter exposure time than the left part of the image.

Our new Intensify Your Camera service is the easiest way to boost the light sensitivity of your camera. Based on the specifications of your camera and the optical requirements for your setup, we will make a detailed recommendation for the required image intensifier and optics. You then send your camera to Lambert Instruments. Our skilled technicians will fiber-optically couple the image intensifier to your camera. They have years of experience doing this because we use the same technique for our own camera systems.

The image intensifier increases your camera's light sensitivity by orders of magnitude. And it enables nanosecond exposures when combined with our advanced gating technologies. With such short exposure times motion blur is no longer an issue, not even in low-light situations. And because we attach the image intensifier to your own camera, you can keep using the software and analysis methods you are already familiar with.

Lambert Instruments has over two decades of experience with image intensifiers. We use them in our imaging systems and have equipped many types of sensors with image intensifiers. You can read about coupling an image intensifier to a sensor or if you are interested in adding an image intensifier to your camera, you can submit your camera specifications.