Lambert Instruments has introduced a streaming version of its HiCAM 500 intensified high-speed CMOS camera that includes a full Camera Link® interface, making it possible to directly stream 500 fps (full frame) to your computer. The streaming HiCAM can be used in a smart camera setup by combining it with an FPGA enabled framegrabber.

The first streaming HiCAM was delivered to Zarm, the center for applied space technology and microgravity of the University of Bremen in Germany. At Zarm the HiCAM is used for a combustion experiment under microgravity conditions. The experiment is prepared in the Zarm drop tower and finally performed as part of an ESA space mission in 2014. A specific mechanical design of the fiber-optic coupling was implemented to cope with the g-forces involved.

The Lambert Instruments HiCAM is a hybrid intensified CMOS camera designed for high-speed imaging and/or ultra-fast gating at low light-levels. The HiCAM is equipped with the latest Gen II and Gen III image intensifiers providing the best possible resolution and sensitivity. Applications in the life sciences include calcium imaging, fluorescence imaging and widefield fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Applications in the engineering sciences include combustion, particle image velocimetry and laser induced fluorescence.