The TRiCAM (Time Resolved intensified CAMera) intensified CCD is the new compact intensified CCD camera for scientific applications that require

  1. low-light level imaging,
  2. ultra-short exposures through fast gating, and/or
  3. frequency domain imaging using lock-in detection.

With its fast-gating module the TRiCAM offers gating down to 2 ns (FWHM) at 100 kHz.

There are three models, the TRiCAM M for frequency domain FLIM, the TRiCAM G for time domain (gated) imaging and the TRiCAM GM for both frequency and time domain imaging. For a detailed specification of the features and applications of this versatile ICCD please visit the specific product pages for the TRiCAM M and the TRiCAM G.