We have updated the Lambert Instruments website. It has been redesigned and optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices. 

The product pages have been updated to give a simple overview of the features and specifications of our products. For further information, there are downloadable specifications available for most products. And if you have other questions about a product, you can simply press the green button at the top of each product page to contact us.

All the application notes and technology notes have also been moved to the updated website. We categorized and tagged them, so it's easier to find the information you are looking for. After clicking Applications or Technologies in the navigation bar, you will see an overview of the most recent posts. When you scroll down, you can select a category that describes the field or the product you are interested in. If you want to learn about a specific subject, you can click one of the tags. And if the categories and tags don't list the subject you are looking for, then you can always use the search field:


If you have any questions about the updated website, then please let us know.