We are excited to announce that four new image intensifiers are now available for all our intensified imaging solutions. These second generation image intensifiers have a higher quantum efficiency than the regular second generation image intensifiers.

Spectral Sensitivity

Each of the new image intensifiers covers a different part of the spectrum:

  • Hi-QE Red has a spectral sensitivity that covers most of the visible part of the spectrum. Its spectral sensitivity covers a range of wavelengths that is similar to an S25 or GaAs image intensifier. In terms of quantum efficiency, the Hi-QE Red image intensifier is positioned between the S25 and GaAs intensifiers.
  • Hi-QE Green has a peak quantum efficiency of more than 30%. Its spectral sensitivity covers the lower half of the visible spectrum.
  • Hi-QE Blue is sensitive to blue light and UV light down to wavelengths of approximately 200 nm.
  • Hi-QE UV is similar to the Hi-QE Blue image intensifier, but its sensitivity also covers shorter wavelengths in the UV part of the spectrum.

Gating Specifications

These new image intensifiers have a minimum gate width of 500 ns and are only available with a diameter of 18 mm.

More information

For more information about these new image intensifiers, please refer to this page about image intensifier photocathodes.