FASTBASE SOLUTIONS implements a new cancer diagnostics platform based on proprietary technology delivered through the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA) technology.

30 March 2017, Groningen (NL) - FASTBASE SOLUTIONS has developed a high specificity, super-sensitive, quantitative biomarker platform employing amplified FRET. This platform is designed to report on protein activation states and protein-complex formation in situ, such as in tumor biopsies. The mission of FASTBASE SOLUTIONS is to be the leading platform in cancer diagnostics, bringing precision to cancer patient treatment.

The image acquisition and analysis platform that FASTBASE SOLUTIONS employs is based on the fluorescence lifetime imaging technology developed by Lambert Instruments. Both parties have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership in order to successfully market FASTBASE SOLUTIONS technologies.

Professor Banafshé Larijani, CSO of FASTBASE: “The Lambert Instruments FLIM technology provides us with the tools we need to build our quantitative biomarker platform and accelerate our growth as a young company.”

Business Development Manager of Lambert Instruments, Jeroen Wehmeijer: “We are pleased to support Fastbase Solutions and their innovative applications of our FLIM technology.”

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About Lambert Instruments ( )
Lambert Instruments B.V., founded in 1992, located in Groningen, the Netherlands, develops advanced imaging solutions for low-light applications. Its flagship product is the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA), which is a turn-key solution for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM).  With end-users at all major universities and research institutes worldwide, Lambert Instruments has a solid reputation for high-end imaging solutions.

FASTBASE SOLUTIONS, is located in Bic Bizkaia 612, 48160 Derio, in the Basque Country, Spain. It was founded in 2016, by Peter J Parker, Banafshé Larijani, Pierre Leboucher and Antonio Ferrer. FASTBASE SOLUTIONS is implementing new technology to provide functional proteomics insights. This proprietary technology is delivered through the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA) technology.  

Contact Information

Both Lambert Instruments and FASTBASE Solutions will be present during the Focus On Microscopy conference in Bordeaux at booth 91. For further information please contact Lambert Instruments at +31 50 501 8461.