Lambert sCMOS with lens.png

New camera combines excellent light sensitivity with automatic camera configuration

13 November 2018 - Groningen (NL) - Lambert Instruments today announced the introduction of a user-friendly sCMOS camera. The Lambert sCMOS automatically finds the optimal camera settings and captures excellent low-light images thanks to its advanced sCMOS image sensor.

Lambert sCMOS on microscope.png

With the Lambert sCMOS, Lambert Instruments aims to simplify image acquisition for scientific research, machine vision and industrial applications. "Researchers don't want to go through complicated camera configuration procedures before getting started with actually imaging their samples." says Jeroen Wehmeijer, Business Development Manager at Lambert Instruments. "That's why we paid a lot of attention to making the Lambert sCMOS a user-friendly scientific camera with great light sensitivity. The camera takes care of optimizing the images so the user can focus on their sample."

Automatic exposure and gain control adapt the camera configuration to match the current light conditions. And on-the-fly image correction and contrast enhancement ensure optimal image quality. In manual mode, users can fine-tune all camera settings for advanced applications that require quantitative image data.

The Lambert sCMOS features a 1280 x 1024 pixel sCMOS sensor that captures detailed images. Thanks to its excellent light sensitivity, the Lambert sCMOS captures up to 100 frames per second even under challenging low-light conditions.

With the Lambert Instruments Capture software, it is easy to record images and videos. Users can record, trim, analyze and export image data in widely supported image formats that are compatible with popular imaging platforms like Fiji/ImageJ.

For more information about the Lambert sCMOS, please visit or contact the Lambert Instruments sales team at or by calling +31 50 501 8461.