TRiCATT 18C side.jpg

11 July 2019 - Groningen (NL) - The Time-Resolved Intensified Camera Attachment (TRiCATT) is an intensifier attachment that increases the light sensitivity of your camera. The TRiCATT 18C is the newest model in the TRiCATT product family.

"With its super-compact form factor, the TRiCATT 18C is ideal for integration into complex imaging setups." says Jeroen Wehmeijer, Business Development Manager at Lambert Instruments. “And it’s compatible with all our existing control units for optimal configuration flexibility.”

The TRiCATT 18C can be configured with any 18 mm image intensifier in Lambert Instruments’ image intensifier catalog. In addition to its compatibility with the complete line-up of Lambert Instruments control units, the TRiCATT 18C can be configured with all intensifier gating and modulation features of the existing intensifier attachments product line.

The relay optics of the TRiCATT 18C produce a 1:1 projection of the image intensifier output onto the camera sensor. And with its focus ring and variable aperture, the relay optics can be fine-tuned for any application.

The TRiCATT 18C is compatible with C-mount cameras. Click the button below to see which TRiCATT configuration is the best match for your camera sensor:

For more information about the TRiCATT 18C, please visit or contact the Lambert Instruments sales team at or by calling +31 50 501 8461.