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Mechanical Shutter

Mechanical shutter for HiCAM and HiCATT

Being very sensitive tools for ultra high speed imaging the HiCATT and HiCAM are often exposed to high energy radiation. Applications like combustion experiments or UV-spectroscopy in a synchrotron beamline are good examples for situations where the photocathode can be prone to harmful scattered or direct incident light. Although this is fine during the actual measurements, extended exposure to stray light or laser bundles during alignment and other activities may damage the photocathode.

To avoid fiddling with lenscaps between measurements we have added a mechanical shutter to our intensified high speed product line. The shutter is encased in a aluminum housing with a standard F-mount input that replaces the original F-mount adapter of the HiCATT or HiCAM. The back focal distance of the F-mount input is unchanged so any F-mount objective can be used. The shutter comes with a power supply and a remote shutter controller with a timer. The timer can be used to automatically close shutter after a predetermined time. The remote has a stylish and ergonomic design and a large LCD screen. The shutter can also be controlled by a external TTL signal. When purchased together with one of our digital interfaces (s, d or p option) the shutter is controlled by the software of the digital interface.