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Gain Control for Automation Systems

Introducing a new control unit for intensifier attachments: The gain control unit for automated systems enables full control over the gain and anode current limit of the image intensifier. Communication over TTL and analog signals provides precise timing and ensures straightforward integration of an intensifier into your imaging system. And with its built-in protection features, the control unit helps to protect the image intensifier from overexposure.

The gain control unit for automation systems is now available with our HiCATT and TRiCATT intensified camera attachments.

Product release: TRiCATT Time-Resolved intensifier Camera Attachment

Hereby we release the TRiCATT (Time Resolved intensified Camera ATTachment) intensifier. It is in line with the release of the TRiCAM, the intensified CCD camera for scientific applications.

In fact, the TRiCATT is the successor of the II18:

  • The TRiCATT M is the modulated intensifier component for frequency domain FLIM, and is the successor of the II18MD and II18MDS.
  • The TRiCATT G is the gated intensifier for time domain and represents the successor of the II18 G(D)(F).

Like the TRiCAM, the TRiCATT can be offered for scientific applications that require 1) low-light level imaging, 2) ultra-short exposures through fast gating, and/or 3) frequency domain imaging using lock-in detection.

There are three models, the TRiCATT M for frequency domain FLIM, the TRiCATT G for time domain (gated mode) and the TRiCATT GM for both frequency and time domain imaging. For a detailed specification of the features and applications of this versatile product please see here.