A next-generation fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) camera. Toggel simplifies FLIM for researchers and imaging centers by combining excellent light sensitivity with easy image acquisition and data analysis.

Toggel is a next-generation fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) camera based on a modulated CCD image sensor





Single-Image FLIM

Demonstration of the Lambert Instruments Toggel camera for single-image FLIM (siFLIM) detection of histamine-induced alterations in Ca2+ concentration. Tiny oscillations in Ca2+ levels (~2.5 s periods) are observed after addition of histamine. Such small and rapid transients would go completely unnoticed when recorded by conventional FLIM.

Video courtesy of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.


Live-Cell Imaging

Track how the lifetimes in your sample change over time with the built-in time-lapse feature. Just set the duration and time between measurements and our software does the rest.

Time-lapse of EPAC sensor courtesy of Netherlands Cancer Institute .


Bacteria Research

B. subtilis cells where GFP-tagRFP fluorophores are linked are mixed in a 1:1 ratio with B. subtilis cells where the GFP-tagRFP fluorophores are cleaved apart; resulting in a mix of cells with either short GFP fluorescence lifetime due to quenching by tagRFP or long GFP fluorescence lifetime. (Image courtesy of University of Groningen)


High-Throughput Screening

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam developed a multi-position fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) screening method to screen for bright FPs. However, this method can be applied to any experiment in which the fluorescence lifetime is an important parameter.




30 fps

In siFLIM Mode

Up to 80 MHz

Modulation Frequency

24 x 24 µm

Pixel size


Image Sensor

Toggel features a unique image sensor that combines excellent light sensitivity with advanced fluorescence lifetime imaging
capabilities. This image sensor was designed and optimized specifically for fluorescence lifetime imaging applications and enables lifetime imaging at unprecedented frame rates with the single-image fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (siFLIM) method.


Pixel Resolution

Pixel Size

Pixel Bit Depth

Sensor Type

Fill Factor

Frame Rate

Modulation Frequencies

Sensor Cooling

Camera Interface

512 x 512 pixels

24 x 24 um

14 bit

Proprietary CCD Sensor


30 fps (dual images)

1 - 80 MHz

Stabilized at 20 C

Camera Link

55 (transparante achtergrond).png

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.




User Publications

Researchers around the world use Lambert Instruments products in their studies. Below is an overview of the most recent publications describing research that was done using a Toggel. For a complete overview of applications, please refer to our applications pages.


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